- Why is my Bridal makeup more expensive than the rest of the makeup services offered?

Bridal makeup is a luxury service. We tailor and fit a customized couture makeup to the brides specific features and needs. We use top of the line products, tools and we may even cut and customize false lashes special for our brides only. Lastly, time spent on the bride is always more than any other service provided, to ensure she gets the ultimate wedding experience on her big day.


- Do you offer deals or discounts?

We do not offer deals or discounts because we would never in turn provide you with a low grade service or experience. Our prices are set and they are non negotiable. If you want to save money somewhere you are always welcome to the salon for services to avoid additional travel or onsite fees.


- I am afraid if I get my makeup done too early it wont last all day. Will it last?

We use long lasting, and may use waterproof products to ensure the longevity of your makeup. Now if you have very oily skin, discuss additional options ahead of time with artist before appt


- Can I get my deposit back if I cancel or change my mind?

All deposits are non-refundable. We recommend you make sure that you are ready to book all events or appointments before locking in your deposit. We take the time and turn away other potential clients when pre reserving your date or time slots.


- How do I book for my wedding?

Please read all information thoroughly before contacting artist for booking information.


- For more in depth questions & regarding prices or services please contact me directly.

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Email: amanda_isabelle@yahoo.com